Safe Morcellation System - The Total Package

A unique solution that improves patient outcomes by offering women all of the benefits associated with this laparoscopic technique while significantly reducing the risk associated with handling tissue with potentially cancerous cells.

Sold in many countries world wide, Versator® and MorSafe®¬†are also an extremely cost effective solution to morcellate. Manufactured and purchased together as a kit, they clearly address the need for cost containment in our world wide medical environment.

Versator Tissue Morcellator

  • Light weight, ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue
  • High Torque Handpiece with more power making it effective even for challenging calcified tissue
  • Single use, disposable handle ensuring you have a new sharp blade every use
  • Intuitive and simple to use in either cut or cut plus modes
  • Packaged with a unique expandable obturator to minimize annular gap and two reducers

MorSafe Tissue Morcellation Bag

  • Unique two port design with distinctive markings on the bag to guide positioning during surgery
  • Two port design offers good visualization during surgery
  • Comes in three sizes, allowing the surgeon to customize the size to meet the requirement
  • Manufactured using cut and tear resistant material
  • Directly addresses morcellation related complications related to market concerns
  • Worldwide clinical experience backed by published research reports

Safe Morcellation System

Versator® + MorSafe® = A winning Combination

The Versator tissue morcellator, when used in combination with MorSafe® tissue morcellation bag offers the latest and the best standard of patient care.

Use of MorSafe® Tissue Isolator is expected to reduce overall incidence of parasitic fibroids after laparoscopic surgery.

In bag morcellation technique is recommended to prevent port site metastases.